Attempted kidnap of Spanish cyclist.

Spanish adventurer Javier Colarado was almost kidnapped as six officers in Pakistan were almost shot dead as they tried fought to rescue him as he was travelling to Quetta, the provincial capital of the Baluchistan which is one of the most dangerous part of the country. Local officials said that one of the six Levies, the tribal police force were killed while the other five were injured during the fire fight.  

“Armed men opened fire and wanted to kidnap the foreigner” a local Levies officer said.  Colarado was also taken to hospital bullet wound. He was released week later on Wednesday uninjured and well. It was  suggested that he gave the rest of Pakistan a miss but he intended to finish that adventure the point he started it.

This attack took place in the same district Mastung, the same area from which a a bomb killed 24 shia pilgrims in a savage attack. The locals reacted in amazement as he travelled through the area despite it’s reputation.


Day Z hits one million sales

Day Z has released itself on steam in its early alpha stages, as bug ridden and unpolished as it is it still has obtained its sales of one million in a month.  Day Z was originally a very popular zombie mod for the Arma engine which was a hardcore realistic military shooter. After all of the reception it received as a mod they took off with this brilliant idea to make it into a standalone game which has succeeded very well in sales.

Day Z is set in a post apocalyptic world from which a server full of players must fight for resources not only from zombies but other desperate survivors as well. Allowing for the environment to become a survival match of wits ambushes and stealth. Allowing for varied and interesting combat scenarios.  Though in the Mod it was quite a complex and chunky control system they are now hoping to water that down and make it a much more accessible control scheme for newer players to get into.

The alpha release of the game also allows players to report bugs and ideas to them on the forum to allow the player base to help shape the game into something more favourable OR to add new and different ideas to the game to help it shape and grow to it’ll final finish, hopefully making this game a brilliant buy in the near future.

Ottery Festive Funday!

Ottery has hosted a new festive day from which shops throughout Ottery will be having festive attractions going on throughout the day as well as into the

early evening with their discounts for the day. They also allowed people to take part of

their Independents Christmas campaign, which supports local shopping. Not just the local

businesses but the chamber of commerce hosted the event as well by bringing together

the switching of the Christmas lights and the late night shopping together to host this



There were also events hosted by the parish church, which included the Christmas tree

festival and the Christmas bazaar in the institute. There was also a procession from the

church which was followed up by a Christmas choir which finally led the Christmas

lights switch on which has taken place in previous years.

Organisers of the Ottery Fun-Day described the event as a “remarkable success” as

around 2000 people turned up too the event. Emily Davis, owner of the Silver Street

tattoos store elaborated on the day by telling us “it was remarkable” and described all the

windows as “done up fantastically”. She even went on to explain that the lights were



Mrs Davis also explained how “ all the businesses who participated did a great job of

showing off the town”. She began to tell us how some of the participators were not sure

of the long haul of success in bringing in more business for Christmas shopping too

Ottery. Mrs Davis comments on the uneasiness by saying “ They have stuck with it and

hopefully they will get the rewards in the coming weeks”

Plonium: Silent and deadly.

Plonium-210: The highly radioactive poison.


Seven years the Kremlin critic and spy Alexander Litvinenko who was assassinated after his two companions Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun slipped a colourless and odourless substance in his tea at a London hotel. He didnt drink much but enough in order for him to die a 3 week agonising death. The substance was “Plonium-210” a radioactive poison which releases pure alpha particles which can be simpy blocked with tissue paper. Though when ingested it is allowed to wreck havoc into whatever organ it passes through and cause heavy damage to the cells around it.

This rare and deadly isotope was discovered by a Swiss team after it was discovered in former Palestine leader Yassr Arafat’s body showing that he himself could have be poisoned. This highly subtle poison can go through airports unnoticed since the alpha particles can be blocked by it being contained simply in a glass vial and once ingested it is mostly contained by the body meaning it can go easily unoticed. A lethal dose could be given through a few milligrams of powder or have it dissolved in a liquid.

His own brand of revolution.

Recently Russell brand a famous English comedian was interviewed on his personal opinion on politics by Jeremy Paxman who has worked for the BBC since 1997 who is known for his forthright and abrasive interviewing style. Russle brand explains how he does not vote out of choice due to the same turgid results and how he wishes and believes that there is soon to be a revolution.

Jeremy expresses his concern for his refusal for voting asking “How do you have any authority to talk about politics”.  Russell explains how he feels the current leading parties only serve the elites of the country and that sooner than later there will ultimately be a revolution that will serve human. He even expresses How like himself who was drug addict of a young age was a product of being under served by the government which has been claimed to cause drug problems among the public.

After asking people how they felt about Russle Brand’s statement people agreed that the government should try to serve it’s people though disagreed with not voting, Luke Downey said “I think it’s  a bit stupid that he doesn’t vote but if it’s for a greater reason then I guess it makes sense”. Another student explained how voting is a good thing since it gives people a choice of who should be in power. Though the views varied most people disagreed on Russel’s voting policy.

Nigella Lawson: cocaine famed cook

Nigella Lawson Britain’s most loved T.V chef has admitted to taking cocaine and marijuana in the past. She explains how this was done a decade ago with her previous husband Mr Diamond when he was terminally ill explaining how “it was an escape”. She also admitted to taking the class a drug in 2010 when she explained how Mr Saatchi was “emotionally terrorising her” and claimed she used the drug as an escape to get away from her problems.

Mr Saatchi was also known for grabbing her by the throat outside the Scott’s Restaurant in Mayfair central London.  Mr Saatchi claimed that it was nothing more than a playful tiff but in court he claimed he was grabbing her head to make her focus. Though as testified in court my Nigella she claims that she saw a baby in a stroller and said “I can’t wait to have grandchildren” from which Mr. Saatchi grabs her throat and tells her “I’m the only person you should be concerned with. Nigella recently testified in court that he has been telling people that he was taking cocaine out of her nose.

On top of the drama between the Ex-couple the Grillo sisters drew up a sum of £685,000 as they lavished on Mr. Saatchi’s company credit card.  Nigella claims that one of the sisters Elizabeth was her loved and trusted friend and was horrified when she found out about the credit fraud.   She claimed that Elizabeth was her rock and that she once depended on her after her ex husband Diamond’ death.

Though in the latest update in court she was forced to make a dramatic conclusion about her drug taking. Explaining how she smoked Cannabis this year to cope with her “summer of abuse” even smoking joints in front of children.  She was in court with the Grillo sisters who claimed that Mrs Lawson allowed them to use Saatchi’s company credit card to keep them quiet about the “Drug abuse”

Nigella Lawson also explains how she feels she is on trial since her recent breakup between her and Mr Saatchi and described it as a “witch hunt”. She said in total she has taken cocaine seven times in her life and explained how it was to get over emotional trauma in her life. She also explained how she consulted a G.P to sort herself out in the situation she was in. She claimed that after “Freeing herself from a brilliant but brutal man, I am now drug free” and her doctor even backed her up in saying how it was ridiculous that Mr Saatchi claimed she was “Addled” on drugs. She even explained how her cannabis and cocaine use is something she’s “not proud of” and how she is completley drug free.

Surrey Burglaries

Surrey has been struck by a number of vehicle thefts across 15 different towns. The local authorities have issued out warnings and advice such as not leaving key items near letterbox’s and keep their car keys out of sight to keep careful measures on the possibility of theft. People are also advised to make sure ALL windows and doors are locked.

Detective inspector Clive Vale tells us that “Most thieves are opportunists, if they can see your car keys they can be in and out of there driving away in your vehicle in a short space of time. If they need to search for your keys, there’s more of a chance of the offender being caught and they will be even more deterred by the idea that the search may be fruitless” Police have also executed there six week campaign “Operation Candlelight” in order to educate households about burglar’s mindset.

When asking the public about the situation of stolen vehicles they seemed fairly relaxed due to the safety in Farnham. Though when confronted at the fact that there is no police station in Farnham and there is only one officer patrols people had second thoughts. One shopper even mentioned how she dislikes this fact especially after suffering a theft herself. She “Couldn’t believe how quickly some people can get in and out of a situation if it means they can get a profit” other people felt safe and claimed that they feel they keep the necessary precautions to prevent theft.