Nigella Lawson: cocaine famed cook

Nigella Lawson Britain’s most loved T.V chef has admitted to taking cocaine and marijuana in the past. She explains how this was done a decade ago with her previous husband Mr Diamond when he was terminally ill explaining how “it was an escape”. She also admitted to taking the class a drug in 2010 when she explained how Mr Saatchi was “emotionally terrorising her” and claimed she used the drug as an escape to get away from her problems.

Mr Saatchi was also known for grabbing her by the throat outside the Scott’s Restaurant in Mayfair central London.  Mr Saatchi claimed that it was nothing more than a playful tiff but in court he claimed he was grabbing her head to make her focus. Though as testified in court my Nigella she claims that she saw a baby in a stroller and said “I can’t wait to have grandchildren” from which Mr. Saatchi grabs her throat and tells her “I’m the only person you should be concerned with. Nigella recently testified in court that he has been telling people that he was taking cocaine out of her nose.

On top of the drama between the Ex-couple the Grillo sisters drew up a sum of £685,000 as they lavished on Mr. Saatchi’s company credit card.  Nigella claims that one of the sisters Elizabeth was her loved and trusted friend and was horrified when she found out about the credit fraud.   She claimed that Elizabeth was her rock and that she once depended on her after her ex husband Diamond’ death.

Though in the latest update in court she was forced to make a dramatic conclusion about her drug taking. Explaining how she smoked Cannabis this year to cope with her “summer of abuse” even smoking joints in front of children.  She was in court with the Grillo sisters who claimed that Mrs Lawson allowed them to use Saatchi’s company credit card to keep them quiet about the “Drug abuse”

Nigella Lawson also explains how she feels she is on trial since her recent breakup between her and Mr Saatchi and described it as a “witch hunt”. She said in total she has taken cocaine seven times in her life and explained how it was to get over emotional trauma in her life. She also explained how she consulted a G.P to sort herself out in the situation she was in. She claimed that after “Freeing herself from a brilliant but brutal man, I am now drug free” and her doctor even backed her up in saying how it was ridiculous that Mr Saatchi claimed she was “Addled” on drugs. She even explained how her cannabis and cocaine use is something she’s “not proud of” and how she is completley drug free.


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