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Guardian style article

The U.S now faces a possible federal default unless they raise the debt limit too $16.7tn (£10.5tn) by Thursday to actually thwart the default. The congress is now in disarray as they try to proceed to raise the debt limit or face potential financial ruin. The government has hit day 16 of shutdown since the financial disaster.

Barack Obama claims that this “could lead a damaging blow to the global economy” as they try to re open the partially shut government. There plan is too extend the Americans borrowing authority to February the 7th and too hike up the debt limit in order to fund this partial political shutdown.

Due to the frequent friscal battles of budget battles Peter G reckons that this has boosted the unemployment rate by 0.6% which from late 2009 comes too about 900,000 jobs. If the congress fails to reach a deal by the 17th of October they could face even more disaster as the U.S treasury would begin to run out of money to meet all U.S obligations. 


Difference between online and print.

One of the biggest differences between the two is the ability for online news can be edited and changed at whim depending on what turn the story has taking. Newspapers cannot re edit after they have been released to the general subject and any new updates must then be turned into a newsworthy piece.

While the print version uses images and broken up columns of text and simpler design an online version has to be focused on more visually since it’ll grasp the reader’s attention. Especially when having to take the time to browse through a site since you have to make it easily accessible to all member of the public. The news paper does not have that slight complication.

Stories can be spread through social media and external sites giving online journalism a much greater chance of getting the word to people online while newspapers are very static and rely on the front page to drag people in. The difference being the accessibility of both mediums.

Brace yourself. Energy prices are coming.

Ed Miliband has claimed that freezing energy prices will be healthy for the consumers of Britain. He claims that energy companies have been “overcharging for people so long because the market does not work. And we need to press the reset button”. Though this is now starting to put pressure on the larger companies who dominate the market too since they won’t wait to inflate prices now between now and the election to witness the outcome.

Investment and industry bosses have claimed that this might hit into their investments. Meaning a risk of blackout will be at our door. But according to Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint “The fact that Europe already has these caps means that the risks of blackouts are just scaremongering”.  IN short this will save households a whopping £120 between now and the election if this is to be passed. 

I asked a few of the people of Farnham how they feel about this situation. Most of them seemed pleased about how they might be able to save some money in such difficult times. One anonymous family dad claims that “It’s good that the government is trying to help us in times such as difficult as this. Especially when everything seems to be rising in prices”. Though we still have yet to see if this will pass, and if it actually could lead to catastrophic events.

Esme now found

A young teenage girl living in Farnham Esme Smith went missing little over a week ago was now found safe and well in north London but is reportedly not wanting to come home. She originally told her friends she was going to a party in Woking 16 miles away. The girl then changed out of her school clothes as seen on CTV as she leaves in casual wear at London Waterloo.

The public was a huge influence in this case as a face book page dedicated to raising awareness for finding her gained more than 4000 likes. There was support of the local community such as schools and the public including her friends. Though at the moment the facebook page is now asking to be taken down by the police since investigations are over.

Esme’s parents said that they were “overwhelmed” by the support of the people around them.  Claiming how they think she might have met somebody out there. Though all they want is their daughter back safe at home. Esme is currently being questioned by the social services.