Plonium: Silent and deadly.

Plonium-210: The highly radioactive poison.


Seven years the Kremlin critic and spy Alexander Litvinenko who was assassinated after his two companions Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun slipped a colourless and odourless substance in his tea at a London hotel. He didnt drink much but enough in order for him to die a 3 week agonising death. The substance was “Plonium-210” a radioactive poison which releases pure alpha particles which can be simpy blocked with tissue paper. Though when ingested it is allowed to wreck havoc into whatever organ it passes through and cause heavy damage to the cells around it.

This rare and deadly isotope was discovered by a Swiss team after it was discovered in former Palestine leader Yassr Arafat’s body showing that he himself could have be poisoned. This highly subtle poison can go through airports unnoticed since the alpha particles can be blocked by it being contained simply in a glass vial and once ingested it is mostly contained by the body meaning it can go easily unoticed. A lethal dose could be given through a few milligrams of powder or have it dissolved in a liquid.


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