Day Z hits one million sales

Day Z has released itself on steam in its early alpha stages, as bug ridden and unpolished as it is it still has obtained its sales of one million in a month.  Day Z was originally a very popular zombie mod for the Arma engine which was a hardcore realistic military shooter. After all of the reception it received as a mod they took off with this brilliant idea to make it into a standalone game which has succeeded very well in sales.

Day Z is set in a post apocalyptic world from which a server full of players must fight for resources not only from zombies but other desperate survivors as well. Allowing for the environment to become a survival match of wits ambushes and stealth. Allowing for varied and interesting combat scenarios.  Though in the Mod it was quite a complex and chunky control system they are now hoping to water that down and make it a much more accessible control scheme for newer players to get into.

The alpha release of the game also allows players to report bugs and ideas to them on the forum to allow the player base to help shape the game into something more favourable OR to add new and different ideas to the game to help it shape and grow to it’ll final finish, hopefully making this game a brilliant buy in the near future.


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