Ottery Festive Funday!

Ottery has hosted a new festive day from which shops throughout Ottery will be having festive attractions going on throughout the day as well as into the

early evening with their discounts for the day. They also allowed people to take part of

their Independents Christmas campaign, which supports local shopping. Not just the local

businesses but the chamber of commerce hosted the event as well by bringing together

the switching of the Christmas lights and the late night shopping together to host this



There were also events hosted by the parish church, which included the Christmas tree

festival and the Christmas bazaar in the institute. There was also a procession from the

church which was followed up by a Christmas choir which finally led the Christmas

lights switch on which has taken place in previous years.

Organisers of the Ottery Fun-Day described the event as a “remarkable success” as

around 2000 people turned up too the event. Emily Davis, owner of the Silver Street

tattoos store elaborated on the day by telling us “it was remarkable” and described all the

windows as “done up fantastically”. She even went on to explain that the lights were



Mrs Davis also explained how “ all the businesses who participated did a great job of

showing off the town”. She began to tell us how some of the participators were not sure

of the long haul of success in bringing in more business for Christmas shopping too

Ottery. Mrs Davis comments on the uneasiness by saying “ They have stuck with it and

hopefully they will get the rewards in the coming weeks”


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