His own brand of revolution.

Recently Russell brand a famous English comedian was interviewed on his personal opinion on politics by Jeremy Paxman who has worked for the BBC since 1997 who is known for his forthright and abrasive interviewing style. Russle brand explains how he does not vote out of choice due to the same turgid results and how he wishes and believes that there is soon to be a revolution.

Jeremy expresses his concern for his refusal for voting asking “How do you have any authority to talk about politics”.  Russell explains how he feels the current leading parties only serve the elites of the country and that sooner than later there will ultimately be a revolution that will serve human. He even expresses How like himself who was drug addict of a young age was a product of being under served by the government which has been claimed to cause drug problems among the public.

After asking people how they felt about Russle Brand’s statement people agreed that the government should try to serve it’s people though disagreed with not voting, Luke Downey said “I think it’s  a bit stupid that he doesn’t vote but if it’s for a greater reason then I guess it makes sense”. Another student explained how voting is a good thing since it gives people a choice of who should be in power. Though the views varied most people disagreed on Russel’s voting policy.


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