Archive | December 2013

Surrey Burglaries

Surrey has been struck by a number of vehicle thefts across 15 different towns. The local authorities have issued out warnings and advice such as not leaving key items near letterbox’s and keep their car keys out of sight to keep careful measures on the possibility of theft. People are also advised to make sure ALL windows and doors are locked.

Detective inspector Clive Vale tells us that “Most thieves are opportunists, if they can see your car keys they can be in and out of there driving away in your vehicle in a short space of time. If they need to search for your keys, there’s more of a chance of the offender being caught and they will be even more deterred by the idea that the search may be fruitless” Police have also executed there six week campaign “Operation Candlelight” in order to educate households about burglar’s mindset.

When asking the public about the situation of stolen vehicles they seemed fairly relaxed due to the safety in Farnham. Though when confronted at the fact that there is no police station in Farnham and there is only one officer patrols people had second thoughts. One shopper even mentioned how she dislikes this fact especially after suffering a theft herself. She “Couldn’t believe how quickly some people can get in and out of a situation if it means they can get a profit” other people felt safe and claimed that they feel they keep the necessary precautions to prevent theft.