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GTA V Controversy :Edited

Grand theft auto ha gained a very notorious reputation over the years. Rock star games have created the series normally portraying a character who lives the criminal life. It involves the ability to kill pedestrians rob stores and steal cars a commit high scale and thought out heists in order to rise to infamy and earn money.

LOl torture

This time round Grand theft auto five has managed to spark it’s controversy with an almost seeming-less torture scene from which you can choose a variety’s of way too get information on your next hit. This includes using a car battery to shock him into submission to water boarding.

A lot of the responses weren’t so much about how it could influence people but more of how casual they are about the whole ordeal. ┬áLabors Kieth Vaz explains how “There is a shocking amount of violence”. Ian Bogost claims that “Gta’s the bad go to example of video-games” in video-game culture. expressing how people will usually go to the worst of games in order to throw out a negative light on video game culture.