Brace yourself. Energy prices are coming.

Ed Miliband has claimed that freezing energy prices will be healthy for the consumers of Britain. He claims that energy companies have been “overcharging for people so long because the market does not work. And we need to press the reset button”. Though this is now starting to put pressure on the larger companies who dominate the market too since they won’t wait to inflate prices now between now and the election to witness the outcome.

Investment and industry bosses have claimed that this might hit into their investments. Meaning a risk of blackout will be at our door. But according to Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint “The fact that Europe already has these caps means that the risks of blackouts are just scaremongering”.  IN short this will save households a whopping £120 between now and the election if this is to be passed. 

I asked a few of the people of Farnham how they feel about this situation. Most of them seemed pleased about how they might be able to save some money in such difficult times. One anonymous family dad claims that “It’s good that the government is trying to help us in times such as difficult as this. Especially when everything seems to be rising in prices”. Though we still have yet to see if this will pass, and if it actually could lead to catastrophic events.


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